100% Carolina Reaper Flakes – 10g


Carolina Reaper Whole Crushed Pods 10g.

Hottest flakes you can get your hands on – World Record Holder We have now the Carolina Reaper. Our partners in USA are growing these chillis for the last several years and with their help we are now making them available to our customers in UK and Europe.

We are the one of the few UK based suppliers who can offer you these chillis and powders in any serious quantity. All the chillis we supply are of the very best quality. These pods are oven dried in a very controlled environment to preserve the flavour for longer Please note it’s not Trinidad Moruga Scorpion a milder cousin at 1.4 Million SHU, but the world record holding Carolina Reaper at 2.0 Million SHU. You should only order it if you know what you are doing and like extreme heat.