Insane Reaper Seasoned Peanuts


  • Based on our best selling Insane Peanuts
  • We just raised the bar to an all new level
  • Made from the worlds Hottest Chilli the Carolina Reaper
  • Our Hottest Snack

Excellent Super Carolina Reaper Hot Peanuts. Made with the worlds hottest chilli. Hand made in the Chilli Wizards Kitchens to make the perfect snack and flavoured to our own Louisiana Creole Seasoning recipe. NOT for the faint hearted. Come taste the most ferociously hot peanuts that you will misfortune to consume.

They will scorch your mouth These peanuts are surely the perfect molten snack for you. Not your average boring bar snack, God no. These painfully powerful peanuts have been generously coated with a Louisiana Ghost Pepper Chilli mix and if you value your taste-buds even in the slightest, we wouldn’t recommend shovelling handful after handful into your mouth. Make no mistake, these nuts are very very hot and will be a fantastic addition to any chilli heads most wanted list.