Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur 50cl


TypeGin Liqueur
ClosureCork Stopper.
OriginLondon, England.
Key BotanicalsJuniper, Citrus Fruit, Oranges, Coriander & Liquorice.
NoseJuniper Driven & Citrus on the Nose.
PalateLuscious and Flavoursome, Sweet, Candied Oranges, Herbs & Spices.
FinishSmooth, Sweet & Spicy.
Ideal MixerPremium Tonic Water.
GarnishOrange, Juniper, Neat.
Brand: Unicorn Tears

A mythical spirit made from the tears of humanely raised Unicorns. Embody the magical power of this fabled beast!
This gin liqueur contains real Unicorn tears. Created by Firebox in a secret location, using our free range Unicorn herd and closely-guarded extraction process (patent pending). To unleash the Gin’s powers: Swirl the bottle. Behold its shimmering majesty. Consume the magic.