Chocolate Parmo

Even the classic Teesside parmo, made out of chicken breast and bechamel sauce and cheese with chips and salad on the salad on the side, has a whopping 2,600 calories.

But now The George pub on Stockton High Street has added to the calorie count by selling the not-so delicate delicacy with various types of melted chocolate on top.

Diners can have the £7.95 meal with Rolo, Kit Kat, mint Aero or Smarties on the top and The George’s chef, Graham Harker, has even made one with a Twix pushed in the middle.

Mr Harker said the idea came from his son, pub owner, Craig Harker.

“We’ve started calling him Willy Bonkers,” he joked.

“Craig was on the internet and read about Kit Kat pizzas in Japan. They’re massive over there, along with chocolate burgers. We started them last week and we’ve had hundreds of comments on Facebook, although we’ve only sold about half a dozen so far. I was surprised, but it actually works as a meal.”

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