Kebab Sandwich

parmo-kebab-the-george-2Facebook/The George Pub & Grill

Sandwiches are a fine art and, in my humble opinion, the key is in the garnish.

But this sandwich – along with the mound of chips and a healthy dose of side salad – comes with a rather unusual free extra – a free trip to A&E.

It’s called the Parmo Kebab and it’s courtesy of the gastronomic geniuses at The George Pub & Grill in Stockton, Teesside.

parmo-kebab-the-georgeFacebook/The George Pub & Grill

The 8,000 calorie sandwich – which takes inspiration from the classic Middlesbrough dish – boasts strips of succulent doner kebab meat stuffed between two breaded butterfly chicken breasts and slathered in melted cheese… But you have to sign a waiver promising the pub you won’t sue if you have a heart attack.

The Parmo Kebab will set you back a signature and £13.95 – as well as a clean bill of health – but punters have embraced the challenge it poses, posting pictures of their unfinished dishes to social media.

The George’s bar manager, Craig Harker, said:

If anyone has a heart attack after eating the meal we’ll pay for a taxi to the hospital and if they do pop their clogs whilst eating it, we’ll chip in on the headstone.

The dish has gone down very, very well. Looks can be deceiving. For example, the sandwich looks pretty normal – but it is packed with just so many carbs.

It only really takes 10 minutes to make – so we usually get them out pretty quick.


If you don’t think you can hack the man versus food challenge the Parmo Kebab presents, you could always just sample one of The George’s other dishes from their smorgasbord of culinary delights.

On the menu are battered Mars bars, a burger called the Messy Southener and even something called a Trump Meal – because it’s good to stay politically engaged while eating yourself into a food coma.

Grub’s up guys – along with your blood pressure and risk of coronary failure, but it does look delicious.

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